Online self medical management- when awareness turns into action

Morris a relative of mine who suffered from severe stomachaches and weight loss. Extensive testing revealed no result. Of course with familial history of cancer this was very worrisome this was very worrisome. But Morris was a high-tech employee and Googled his diagnosis. He convinced his doctor that he had a specific parasite acquired from his kindergarten kids. This led to proper laboratory Testing that confirm the diagnosis and treatment. Following his first online self medical management, Morris is healthy and unfortunately gained the extra weight he lost.

Is this story typical? Does this only happen to sophisticated patients who have and self-confidence? As more people are exposed to internet we expect online self diagnosis  to expand. While online medical information is accessible to the public the ability to transfer this knowledge to practical medical management is a privilege that only a small few practice. What are the barriers? Is medical information accessible to everyone? Does it depend on language? Self confidence? Culture? Intelligence?

Maybe it is about awareness. Once patients become aware to the  opportunities they will find ways to overcome language and other technical barriers. This is really state of mind and the question of self confidence. Today online tools enables you to manage your own personal health without travel. If you’re willing to try something new, find out more about online medicine. Reaching out for your online diagnosis, your preferred physician and your way of management is now possible. This is especially true if you have not found your medical answer within your local medical facilities. Today with the online tools there is no reason to compromise. Take your healthcare into your own hands with online tools to improve your diagnosis and treatment.