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A variety of professional services at your doorstep


Replacing face-to-face clinical visit

Your child needs to see a neurologist
but you want to save time, travel, work loss…
How about an appointment online
from your home at your convenience?
Online neurological clinic can replace the
conventional clinic in most cases.

Rare Disorders

Unique Solutions

If your child has a rare disorder and the specialist is far,
online visit is the solution.
We try to connect between patients and specialists.
Write to us about your problem and we will try to help with a specialist online visit.

Cerebral Palsy

multidiciplinary clinic

Care for a special needs child requires a
comprehensive approach tailored to the child
and family functional goals.
Neurology services for complex movement
disordersare provided in a multidisciplinary
clinic combining different specialists:
Orthopedic, Neurosurgery, and physiotherapy,
occupational therapy and speech therapy.
Multidisciplinary clinics abroad
Can be coordinated based on local needs.

Movement Disorders

diagnosis and treatment

Do we need to see a movement disorders specialist?
Is this movement worrisome?
Sometimes a online visit, a video
can save time and worry.


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